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It is the user friendly application for Hospital which reduces the burden and helps to manage all sections of hospital like reception,lab,inpatient/outpatient management and Billing etc., which improve the processing efficiency.It deals with the automating tasks of maintaining  of  laboratoryAnd Diagnosis. In Hospital, Billing management is the key process.

a5   It helps you to store the Information about patient and as well  to search the details about the  patient by having  employee id when ever its necessary  for the admin 

a4 It helps admin to store or maintain all the information  about the staff and they can search the staff details by having  staff id as well as delete/update the staff details .

a3 It helps you to Create Bill for inpatient/outpatient,diagnosis,laboratory etc.
a2 It helps to maintain all the details of the InPatient  and we can search all inpatient details by having  id .

a1 It helps to add OutPatient Details. We can also Search  the OutPatient details by giving the Id.

q8 It helps to maintain the details of sold products and generate the bill by using bill generation and we can also maintain the customer bill details

q7 It helps to maintain the details of patients who are in ICU Block
q6 It helps you to view all types of reports like Patient ,Staff ,InPatient,OutPatient,Diagnosis,ICU etc...

It helps  a Hospital to maintain records  based on details  and  any  information about Patient, Staff ,Diagnosis , OP   etc. so that one can easily access it and there by  reducing different complexities.

q4 User Friendly with accessing menus
q3  User can check the report whenever he wants. 
q2 Billing and printout Facility is there

q1  Help is there, whenever needed any one can go through the help page and work in the application according to his need.
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