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SoftMart is computer software product especially used when a transaction occurs from vendors to the customers . It is a type of electronic cash register, which can also be used for issuing vouchers and receipts. The main user of this software are retail stores. They are able to take orders and also have the instructions to allocate items directly to into the stores using a fully integrated allocation and replacement module to balance both merchandise plans and store-level sales activity. Analyze items by product details and drill-down easily into more detailed information to accurately measure the true cost of doing business, Systematically update store size profiles based on the individual store's unique size selling patterns, then apply the profiles within the purchasing and distribution flows .



q2  This software provides complete information about retail inventory like taking orders from the vendors and maintaining product information in database , updating the product price etc. 

q1  After price modification we send this details to available stocks to make the product is eligible for sales . 

a9  When customer make purchase based on the quantity and the no of products total amount will calculated based on that bill will be generated in the form of reports. 

a8  Once the available stocks get reduced ,there is option it will inform the user that stocks about to finish, so that user can make reorders products based on the requirements . 

a7  The goal of the SoftMart Product is to provide easy and efficient accessibility of information regarding the Retail products, Stock information like available stock ,low stock ,Return stock ,Transaction information ,customer bill and various services and all which are related to the current as well as the future aspects of the Retailshop.

a6  With the Invoice number the data can be stored when and what product is stored. Incase whenever he wants the medicine      information he can fetch the data easily.

a5  With the help of the order form admin can get sales order from salesman. 

a4  Bill is generated when the customer purchase the product.

a3  Owner can check the report whenever he wants; daily, weekly or monthly. 

a2  Report is made for Vendor, employee, purchase and sales, inventory of Product . 

a1  Help is

there, whenever needed any one can go through the help page and work in the application according to his need.

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