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 Delivery Model

Dedicated Models

Our DDF provides all the benefits of an experienced, engineering team without some of the common constraints:

It makes sense for Surya infolab to establish a dedicated development facility (DDF) specific to your organization, once the resource demands reach a level that is relatively significant and predictable. Our DDF provides all of the benefits of an experienced, capable engineering team without some of the common constraints. We maintain a team that is committed to your projects. This team retains intellectual capital on your technologies and products. Over time, our value to your organization increases as we become more intimate with your products and markets. In fact, many of our customers have benefited from product enhancement suggestions and patents that have been submitted and approved by our engineers for our customers.

Changes in macro economic conditions, project commitments, and budgets make it challenging to continuously align engineering resource levels with project demands. A virtual engineering team enables you to build flexibility into your resource capacity. Lower cost per engineer plus the ability to shift engineers to and from other projects, when necessary, allows your Surya infolab facility to quickly respond to your resource requirements.

Fixed Price Model

Surya infolab uses standard, leading-edge industry packages as the components of our comprehensive solutions:

When your need is very well specified and the project clearly defined, Surya infolab offers this low-risk software delivery model. It is ideal for projects requiring external expertise and resources to develop a specific product or application. We manage the entire project and ensure quality delivery within the promised costs and schedules. Surya infolab deploys the appropriate expertise required to understand your requirements and the skilled resources to architect, design and develop a custom solution. Once the product or application is developed, our experts will install it on-site and train people. Optionally, we also offer ongoing support and maintenance services.

Our offshore facilities allow clients to attain speed to market, top-quality work, flexible capacity resource deployment, 24x7 availability and significant financial savings. These advantages allow them to focus their IT efforts and invest more resources in other infrastructure needs. Our experts work directly with the customer to provide offshore project management. This allows clients to experience greater comfort and less risk than might be expected with vendors based solely in India or vendors who subcontract their work to companies in India.