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  ANS Hospitality Services


This Application is mainly focused on providing flats, wherever you are, with good and attractive services. This is both web based and stand alone application. In web based application where the person can search flats with their respective location. In web based application person can book/cancel/change the flats through this application. While going to anywhere else thorough this application they can save time and money too. In stand alone or intranet application user can book the flat personally or by call. And they can cancel the booked flat also. Through this application other builders or house owners can also sell the flats/house or give on rent.


(A) Web Based Application

In this application, ANS has all the privilege and supervisor/employee has limited privilege. Supervisor/Employee can      check/update the database and give the information to that person. They can not delete any record.

Form the home page, user can login and search the flats.

User can complain regarding their issues.

(B) Stand Alone/Intranet Application

Form the Administrator page, ANS can create account for his employee and can keep the record about the employee information      like his personal details, salary details and attendance and many. ANS can update and block the information about the employee.

Supervisor/Employee can check/update the database and give the information to that person. They can not delete any record.

ANS member (Tenant) can make enquiry regarding available facilities and book/cancel the different services like catering      (birthday party, wedding reception etc), food beverage, domestic help, transportation facilities(like book/cancel the different type      of vehicles, air ticket, train ticket etc. )

ANS member (Tenant) can enquiry regarding the monthly bill/ other bill and can check the status the booked facilities.

With the help of the order information ANS can easily send the status report to the ANS member (Tenant) and send the detail bill      and ASN member can make the enquiry.

ANS can generate the daily, weekly, monthly report of their members.

Help - whenever needed employee can go through the help page and work in the application according to his need.