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Software Development Services

Surya infolab has experts in every specification that affects the technology industry today. Our senior engineers have expertise in large transaction systems in trade, banking, retail, and bring this experience to bear in the design of industrial-strength products.

Our focus areas include:

Internet Application:

We specialize in developing n-tier Internet based applications using both the java platform (J2EE standards, EJB) as well as the Microsoft platform (.Net, ASP, DCOM). Surya infolab has certified engineers in both the Java and Microsoft platforms.

Client/Server Applications:

Surya infolab undertakes the development of client/server projects in Visual Basic, C++ and VC++. We always ensure that the applications we build are designated from the ground up for a possible future migration to the Internet or wireless platforms.

Migration Legacy Application:

Surya infolab has helped companies to migrate their legacy application to more current technology platforms. Our expertise in Internet technologies makes us the ideal partner when long term technology planning is required.

Software Testing Services

Surya infolab offers unparalleled expertise in providing QA services. We have extensive experience in developing test plans, test cases, manual testing, automated testing using various tools like Win Runner, Silk Test and performance testing using tools like Web Load and Load Runner. For tracking bugs and communications, we have experience with various bug tracking system such as Bugzilla, Test Director and Surya Business Unit (SBU).

Many Customers use Surya infolab as their sole QA resources. We work with their internal product development teams to ensure the highest degree of software quality before product release. Customers rely on us for:

Functional/ Regression Testing:

We review the current site/application/product and develop comprehensive test plans to evaluate whether the product meets all the functional requirements that were intended (either stated in product manual, or generally described to our team). Based on the stability of the product, we develop testing processes that use a combination of manual and automated testing.

Performance Testing:

We use market leading tools to access how the site/application/product hold up under different loads and provide the customer with extensive data to help scale the site/product up to meet higher loads.

System review:

We can assess cross-browser compatibility, security issues, and in general provide reports on all technology aspects of a system. These reports enable the product development teams to take corrective action.

Code Review:

We can capitalize on the 12-hour time difference between the USA and India to provide a parallel team of developers to review and document code that is generated earlier in the day. This allows high-level customers resources to enhance their productivity while also accelerating the development process.

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